While the humpback whales are at their feeding grounds in Antartica, we love to do summer time snorkel charters. 

There are over 67 islands in the Vava'u group.  The islands are either raised coral limestone or coral atolls.  There is myth and legends all around.

We can take you to Swallows Cave, Mariners Cave, Coral Gardens, to name a few popular spots.  We also have a few hidden treasures for the adventure seekers.  

We can also take to lunch at one of our beautiful private island resorts.

All Endangered Encounters staff have completed First Aid at Sea, Guide Certified, and have a Class 6 Master/Engineer Seafarers.

Snorkel Caves and Reefs​

All Year

We are dedicated to bringing you the most incredible experience of your life!  There are no words to express the feeling of floating next to the majestic humpback whale.  Some find the experience to be life changing.

 Our charters are restricted to small groups in order to bring you an  intimate and personalized encounter.  We have time to relax and enjoy the moment.

We recommend a minimum  3 to 5 days on the water to ensure a quality encounter.

Booking should be made at least a year in advance.  

We can provide a list of accommodations that will best suit your desire and budget. 

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Whale Watching and        Swimming

Mid July - Mid October